October 13th, 2015 #3

I hover above lovers, and suffer the sun’s summer
neither one or the other, none other than one sunder
pairings for two, some who’ll never care if it’s true
daring to do, renouncing a rare ring, and raring to rue
animus avenue… a master class actress in movies
majestic tapestries truly manifesting actual lapis lazuli
grasping for matter can move me across the lines
star crossed clocks align experiencing the loss of time
watching mine while watching yours, a lot to tour
touch it to feel it, peel it, eat it and heal it’s rotten core
it will cost you more than you could buy if you try
you’ll only cry while you smile and smile while you cry
divine is the lie, evident of decadence and delight
spread your wings every night… never ending in flight
benedict’s life, settling for any presence of choice
continues to count on one hand, every second rejoice

October 13th, 2015 #3

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