October 23rd, 2015 #1

tainted tears, poison promises paint my fears
something’s been killing me slowly… and it ain’t the years
maybe it was the shear pain in my vain career
they want my blood, but never know if my veins are here
on the days that every penned play premieres
I aim to entertain for cheers and softly serenade the ears
breathe in the scenes, until vapid vapor clears
read between the seams, make sure to have a razor near
it’s not for me but it cuts through a cacophony
keep me sharp, sitting so snugly inside lines of lobotomy
stay on point to pinpoint causes of homogeny
please properly pursue a probable pathway of pathology
soothsay it scholarly, and summarize socrates
what’s your pamphlet to stone tablets? try to argue these
releasing tension, taut tensile arms in archery
high price bullshit, can’t cover the cost of your colostomy

October 23rd, 2015 #1

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