June 21st, 2016 #1

an unquenchible thirst, potentially cursed
drink too deeply and this dimension will burst
stay afloat, neck and neck, with the worst
poor enough to be last far too special for first
fall to pieces, hold your head, like a purse
pull your weights, or paying penance will hurt
prevention programs, portance of a perp
put on protection, rendering perception inert
seldom seen, sitting where serenity skirts
hermetically sealed, a short selection of shirts
sasquatch-esque, statuesque effigy perch
scent of evergreen sent me on a sensory surf
hydraulic pump, pneumatic energy works
remember everything ever and never reverse
forget about it, or we’ll forget to rehearse
a well read memory well said,  heavily versed

June 21st, 2016 #1

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