July 2nd, 2016 #1

so much presence at present, an exhaustive task
I am only meant to observe, and reflect upon the past
bygone belonging… all belongs beyond my grasp
a high, masonic austronaut must control art and craft
in need of green tea, to reach tiamat, atop a path
high in spirits and my ancestry smoked haunted hash
maintain faith, standing before an agnostic mass
malfunctioning machine, perform the diagnostic pass
seeking to satiate a soul in sardonic, sonnet sass
so I gild it, in glistening gold and baroque gothic brass
fashion a fascist font until it’s flush, faultless, fast
endeavors, to leave behind, an iconoclastic autograph
escape to alcatraz, a life sentencing vault of glass
refracted light, magnifying shines to leave not but ash
and salt the earth so a shaman can’t conjur grass
hereafter, inhabit my habitat, ever after, as toxic trash

July 2nd, 2016 #1

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